Anke Kindle in the window!

Anke Kindle in the window!


New work in the window by local Melbourne jeweller Anke Kindle. Anke is a recent graduate from Melbourne Polytechnic and holds a Fine Art Degree majoring in furniture design. 

Anke was the recipient of the Melbourne Polytechnic 'Small Space Jewellery' design award and we are extremely proud to be hosting her wonderful pieces from
5th - 27th of November.

This body of work is an ongoing investigation for Anke, into the brush as a wearable object. Her work is informed by a curious expression in her German mother tongue, 'Kratzbuerste'

These incredibly bold and sculptural pieces are something to behold. Work can be viewed 24 hours in the window and continues inside within the boxes in the floor.

Kratzbuerste is traditionally a coarse scrubbing brush that is used for cleaning however it is also a stinging expression used to describe women who defy traditional female stereotypes, hence are considered displeasing, abrasive, loud and controversial.

Feger is a small hand broom with soft, sweeping bristles. It is also a term referring to an adventurous, courageous, will full female child. It is also a derogatory expression.

Besen is a broom. It is a hurtful expression used to describe an elderly, female person. The besen is often pictured as tattered and worn. In fairy tales and stories it is associated with witches who are believed to ride it.

Besen, Feger and Katzbuerste are derogatory, political expressions to de-value feminine qualities. With this work Anke aims to elevate these objects of the domestic realm to objects of beauty, to badges of honour and a celebration of female achievements!

'It is not terrible to be will full, loud, courageous, ageing, outspoken or female! Let us not forget' quotes Anke!

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