Welcome to Small Space Jewellery's Sustainability Page.
Here at Small Space we believe sustainability is not just a buzzword; its a
fundamental responsibility of every business, big or small. Here's what we
are doing to hold up our end of the bargain:
Recycled Metals

We prioritise the use of recycled metals as much as possible in the creation
of our pieces. Reducing the demand for new mining and helping to
minimize the environmental impact associated with mining. This is done
by melting scrap into new ingots that can be used again. Even our metal
fillings are reused, as we partner with Morris and Watson to have them sorted by metal type and remelted into usable ingots.  Using recycled metals not only promotes a circular economy but reduces waste within our business.

Compostable Packaging

For any and all orders placed online or needing to be posted to reach you.
We exclusively use compostable packaging materials for shipping our
pieces, getting them to you safe and sound in an eco-friendly manner with Hero Packaging. These materials are easily compostable and avoid leaving harmful residue in the environment. By embracing compostable packaging materials we
aim to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage sustainable practices
among other businesses. For more information check out Hero Packaging at

Ethical Diamonds

Furthermore, at Small space, we are dedicated to promoting ethical
practices within the diamond industry. We carefully source all of our
diamonds from trusted suppliers to ensure that all diamonds are in
accordance with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberly process is a global
initiative looking to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds within Australia
and many other countries, check out their website here. By adhering with this process, the diamonds we use are not associated with any human rights abuses, conflict or ecologically harmful mining practices. We believe every piece of jewellery should not only be stunning but reflect the values of fairness and social responsibility that we believe in.

As a small business, Small Space is doing its part to integrate
environmentally friendly practices into every aspect of our operation, from
our workshop to your hands. In upholding these values, we hope to inspire other businesses and work toward a sustainable future for all the generations to come.