From The Heavens (Rectangular)

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Another piece of magnificent meteorite, straight from heavens. This is part of a series of work made using meteorite. This neckpiece has a very rare natural piece of iron based meteorite found at "Campo Del Cielo" situated in Argentina. Estimated to have hit earth between 4200 and 4700 years ago. The area has approximately 26 craters with the largest one being over 91 meters wide.

It has been set here with a black diamond in 18t yellow gold. high. Meteorite in sterling silver. Threaded on ethically sourced rough raw diamond beads. Made by hand at Small Space Jewellery.

pendant measures 57mm long x 12mm wide x 4.5mm deep. Neckpiece length measures 43cm not including the pendant drop. Can be shortened with out charge or lengthened with added charges.